Fight Winter Sickness with Treasured Tea from the Amazon

Winter time is always a struggle to battle off sickness and stay healthy. Even when I tell myself, “I’m not going to get sick!”, somehow or other it creeps in when I least expect it. Over the years, I have found several herbals from the Rainforest that have worked wonders for me. My favorites are:

  •  Una de Gato (aka Cats Claw) is an amazing immune support, which helps keep your immune system strong and fighting off colds and flu bugs. 
  • Camu Camu is a reddish berry that grows on a bush during the rainy season in the Amazon. The Camu Camu berries are the highest source of natural occurring vitamin C, containing at least 10 times that of an orange. 
  • Oil of Oregano is a natural antibiotic, helps fight unwanted bacteria naturally.

Rainforest Treasure Tea, an amazing combination using the barks and roots of wild plants from the Amazon Rainforest that enhances your clarity and vitality. I enjoy a warm cup of this delightful tea every morning to get me going without caffeine. It is especially effective to help support the immune system, reduce allergy symptoms and help respiratory problems.
This tasty tea includes six ingredients carefully chosen to support your health and well-being: Jatoba (helps reduce candida and yeast), Una de Gato (support immune system), Pau d’Arco (immune support, anti-microbial), Quebra Piedra (breaks down excess calculi), Chuchuhasi (muscle relaxer), and Stevia provides a natural sweetness. Click here to listen to a short video about the ingredients.

The herbs mentioned in this blog are available at, or your local health food store. For more information or to purchase Rainforest Treasure Tea, visit or call Chitra at 240-674-5220.