Energy Medicine

What is Energy Medicine?    

Subtle energy travels through paths in our body via subtle pathways and chakras

You’ve heard of Chi, Prana, Kundalini, gravity, electricity and sound. These are all invisible energies yet if you have practiced any type of yoga, tai chi, Qigong, you may actually feel the subtle energy (chi, prana) moving through your body.

So how does energy medicine help heal?Energy Medicine

Energy medicine techniques are subtle and varied, but they are a form of medicine.

Energy medicine helps reorganize the energy field, the subtle vibrational field that surrounds and penetrates the body. Energy medicine techniques are like housekeeping; they sweep through stagnant areas and restore an even flow to the subtle energies moving through the body.

Practicing or receiving energy medicine techniques consistently makes us better at what we do and healthier individuals.

What are some types of Types of Energy Healing?

Acupuncture – balances and unblocks subtle energy that travels through meridian systems throughout the body.

Massage – opens up blocked energy, helps remove toxins, relieves stress & promotes relaxation.

Yoga – moves subtle energy through the body to experience more focus & balance in life.

Tai Chi –     “

Qigong –     “

Gem Stones & Crystals – emanate energy that helps

Reiki – calming energy passes through a practitioners hands to help speed healing, reduce stress & balance emotions.

Chakras – invisible, spinning energy centers within the body that keep us living positively to our fullest capacity . When they are out of balance or are not spinning we experience disharmony in our life…emotional, mental & physical health.

Sound Therapy – the sounds emanating from crystal bowls, mantras, conch shell & singing bowls clear your mind & atmosphere for a more peaceful meditation & environment.

Tachyon Energy – Tools that emanate Tachyon energy restructure, balance, & remove blocks in subtle energy fields in and around the body.  See “Tachyon Energy” to learn more…