Energy Healing Services & Fees

Serving Gainesville and Alachua, Florida

Distance Sessions via Phone or Skype

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Energy Healing Services are as follows:

Energy Healing

Alachua Therapy Room

Individual sessions

Energy Healing Session – Energy healing session addresses specific physical, emotional, mental & spiritual issues to bring about optimum health. It gently and quickly helps you work through any difficulties you may be having & you achieve the personal transformation you want. $85/60 min

Emotional Release – Deep seeded emotional upsets eventually manifest as chronic pain & disease. You are gently guided through emotional blocks with the help of energy tools so you can easily move through long held emotions to a more stable, balanced & healthy life. $85/60 min

Energy Balancing – Energy Balancing uses very effective energy tools to facilitate balancing the body, mind, and spirit. The tools consist of a long cloth strap that you lay on, 4 silica disks are placed at your hands and feet, and an eye pillow, which provide healing energy throughout your body to quickly bring relaxation, balance & focus. $25/30 min (first session is 30 minutes) or $35/45 min

Energy Clearing –  Chitra expands her energy field to assists moving blocked & stagnant energy, which helps relieve stress and enables one to move through transitions effortlessly. $40/30 min

Reiki – Reiki  is an ancient Japanese method of energy work to gently reduce stress, restore emotional balance and to help the body heal faster. $65/60 min

Distance Energy Healing Sessions – From the comfort of your own home receive remote sessions in  Energy Healing, Energy Clearing and Reiki.


Energy Healing, Energy Clearing & Balancing$125/90 min.

Energy Clearing & Balancing$55/50 min

Reiki – 6 Session Package  –  $330

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Hours by Appointment

To schedule an appointment call 240-674-5220  or email

Home visits are available ($10 extra charge up to 25 miles)