Distance Energy Healing

Distance Energy Healing“My own experience with receiving distance energy healing was every bit as effective as was an in person session. I went through the same physical symptoms, released emotionally, and was able to move past blocks that had been holding me back my entire adult life.” Theresa W.

Scientifically speaking

Larry Dossey, MD, has led the charge for bringing distant energy healing therapies into mainstream healthcare. In his book, Reinventing Medicine: Beyond Mind-Body to a New Era of Healing, he explains, “Many studies reveal that healing can be achieved at a distance… These findings reveal the ability of some part of our mind or consciousness to escape its confinement to the brain and body and act anywhere, regardless of distance. The medical implications of this are profound.” Larry Dossey, MD

“While distant energy healing appears to contradict our ordinary sense of reality and the laws defined by conventional science, there are several theoretical paradigms that suggest explanations for healing…Distance healing is deliberately sent by one or more healers as an intent, wish, meditation, or prayer to a healee who may be in the healers’ presence or may be far away. Distance, even thousands of miles, does not appear to limit the effects of healing. Healers need not have direct contact with healees.” Daniel J. Benor, MD, article, Distant Healing

Whatever your healing needs are, distance energy healing can help remove blocks and expedite the healing process.

Distance energy healing sessions are available via phone or Skype. Please contact Chitra to schedule an appointment.

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