Beat the holiday blues with this simple remedy…

Beat the Holiday Blues

Do you get stress out with all of the holiday preparations and shopping? Do you wake up in the morning feeling overwhelmed and tired?

There’s a simple remedy that most people commonly have on the spice shelf, but if you don’t, it can be purchased at your grocery store or local nursery. This unique spice or plant has the ability to lift your spirits and make you feel happy. You can simply pick a small branch and smell it…or, add it to your favorite tea and sip away the blues. It can also be used in your bath water to rejuvenate your spirits. It’s my favorite of all culinary plants.

Do you want to know which plant this is?

It’s Rosemary! Yes, the common aromatic plant and flavorful spice used in Italian dishes has many more uses.


I first learned about using Rosemary as an antidepressant when I was visiting Jim Duke’s Herb Farm in Laurel, Maryland. He was walking us around his seven acres, describing plant by plant and each plants medicinal uses. When we got to the Rosemary plant he said, “just pick a sprig and smell it to help with depression, carry it with you to sniff whenever you feel the need.”

Now I can’t go without a Rosemary plant in or around my house.

So the next time you you’re feeling down or overwhelmed with life, pick a sprig of Rosemary, take a whiff, carry it with you through the day to smell when you need a lift. Or, make a cup of tea.

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