Balance Your Root Chakra

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Clearing and Balancing Chakras with Mudras and Mantras

First, a brief review for chakra veterans and for those who are new to Chakra balancing, some important points about Chakras and why we need to balance them:

  • The word Chakra is from Sanskrit, it means wheel or disk. Chakras are disk-like energy centers located in a straight line along the spine, beginning at the base of the spine and finishing over the top of the head. There are seven major chakras.
  • They rotate energy through our systems, which affects our physical, intellectual and emotional functions of our body, mind and spirit.
  • Imbalances in chakras lead to imbalances in body, mind, and spirit and can eventually lead to ill health.
  • Each chakra is associated with a different color of the rainbow, distinct parts of the body, and with particular functions of consciousness and emotions.chakra-chart-large
  • The colors are in the order of the rainbow colors beginning with red for the Root Chakra, orange for the Sacral Chakra, yellow for the Solar Plexis Chakra, green for the Heart Chakra, blue for the Throat Chakra, indigo for the Third Eye Chakra, and violet or clear for the Crown Chakra.
  • Each chakra’s energy vibrates and rotates at a different speed. The root or first Chakra rotates at the slowest speed and the Crown or Seventh Chakra at the highest.
  • A chakra may start moving too fast creating excessive energy or too slow creating deficient energy or may get altogether blocked, creating
  • Chakras vary in size, depending on their level of activity. When highly active and energized, they can expand to the size of a small plate. They can shrink to the size of a penny when closed or shut down. When in balance, they are about the size of a silver dollar or orange.


Sanskrit Name  – Muladhara
Color  – Ruby Red or black
Mantra – Lam
Location – Base of the spine in the area of the perineum
Illness – Drug addictions, anemia, cancer, arthritis, heart disease, gynecological problems, Aids, herpes, candida.
Balanced Energy – Centered, Grounded, Healthy, Fully alive, Unlimited physical energy, Can manifest abundance.
Excessive Energy – Egoistic, Domineering, Greedy, Sadistic, Excessive sexual energy.
Deficient Energy – Lack of confidence weak, can’t achieve goals, suicidal, feel unlovable, little interest in sex, Masochistic.
Easy Ways To Bring Balance:
Foods – Red Foods, Root vegetables, protein-rich foods, hot and peppery spices.
Gemstones – Ruby, garnet, bloodstone, hematite, smoky quartz, black tourmaline
Essential Oils – Oil of clove, cypress, marjoram, cedar, and myrrh


       Mantras are the simplest method to use to open your Chakras. A mantra is simply a word that is chanted over and over again – in this case while focusing your attention on the specific chakra you are balancing. You can use mantras anytime and anywhere and it only takes a minute.
       The mantras we use are from Sanskrit language, which is considered the language of the Gods and has a spiritual quality that transcends the material world, making the sounds vibration of mantras spiritual in nature, different from ordinary words.
        When pronouncing mantras – the letter “a” is pronounced “ah” and “o” is pronounced “oh.”

Mantras work on two levels:

  • First, the position of your mouth triggers small Chakra points in your tongue and face that are directly linked to the main Chakra points. By awakening these positions, it increases the flow of energy through your chakras, unblocking and opening them.
  • Second, when you mentally focus on the area of your body that needs healing, you automatically send energy to that area.A crude example is a clogged toilet…to unclog it you use a plunger to force the blockage out. Likewise, mantras focus the energy to the Chakra and force the energy through to unblock it.

   Chant the mantra out loud (like chanting Om) 3-5 times while focusing on the specific Chakra.


        A Mudra (Sanskrit word meaning sign or seal) is a hand gesture or position, that locks and guides energy flow to the brain. Mudras are typically used in meditation & Indian dance to bring about humility,respect, concentration, and compassion, however they are also used to open the chakras.
        By curling, crossing, stretching and touching the fingers and hands, we can actually “talk” to the body and mind as each area of the hand corresponds to a certain part of the mind or body. When these points on the hands are stimulated by mudra hand positions it helps clear blockage. By using Mudras that are specific for the seven main Chakras we can activate the energy channels to the chakras. And, you can use mudras anywhere, even standing in line at the grocery store.
       Hold the Mudra for 3-5 minutes per chakra.

Now let’s balance your root chakra!

        Begin by sitting in your favorite meditation position, with your spine straight, following your breath and release all tension in your body…relax.

Root Chakra Mudra    Root/Base Chakra
    Allow the tips of your thumbs and index fingers touch. Place hands on knees, focus on
    the root chakra location. Remain holding the mudra for at least 3-5 minutes.

Chant “Lam” three times…Remember the “a” is pronounced “ah” (like the “a” in father).

         This coming week balance your root chakra everyday.  Use the suggestions in the Easy Ways to Bring Balance section, perhaps carry one of the suggested gem stones with you or use the essential oils, and the easiest is to eat grounding foods.

Next week we will balance the Sacral Chakra!