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Do you feel unbalanced or stuck?
Are you unable to make decisions?
Are your emotions out of control?

Energy healing works with the subtle energy fields in and around your body to remove blocks and restore a healthy energy flow, supporting your body with the subtle energy it needs to restore balance & harmony to your life.

Services Include

Energy Healing Sessions – Gently and quickly helps you feel your best physically, mentally & emotionally.

Emotional Release – Deep seeded emotional upsets eventually manifest as chronic pain & disease. With the help of energy healIng you can move gently through long held emotions to a more stable, balanced & healthy life.

Energy Balancing SessionsLay wrapped in balancing energy for deep relaxation to quickly re-energize & re-focus when tired, stressed or sick.

Distance Sessions From the comfort of your own home receive distance Energy Healing, Energy Clearing and Reiki treatments.

Energy ClearingClear blocked energy & balance the flow through your body to help relieve symptoms and feel more connected energetically.

Reiki Calm, gentle energy for stress relief, emotional balance and to help the body heal faster.

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